is a furniture design, repair and fabrication studio based in Brooklyn, NY.

We fix and reuse what’s already been made in order to give them new or extended lives. The repairs are often left visible to honor the history and character in each piece.

We design and build new pieces with meticulous attention to the details and a focus on sustainability. This means using responsibly sourced wood and other material and using zero-to-low VOC finishes to protect it. Materials are selected, cut and any leftovers saved to minimize waste. We choose robust joinery and construction methods in order to make our products last as long as possible.

Fugazmente is a Spanish word meaning briefly and intensely, like the light trail behind a shooting star. To us, the word is a call to live and work deliberately and intensely during our short time on this Earth. It’s also a reminder to be present with each piece and each part of our process.

For all inquiries please email the studio at

︎ @fugazmente_inc