Thonet Cafe Chair Repair
A family of four chairs originally manufactured over a century ago. They came into the shop in parts, many badly damaged, in need of structural and cosmetic repair. Original details, patina and previous repairs were kept intact and new repairs were left visible. Each chair had its own unique flaws to be resolved and we strove to preserve their individuallity. After splicing, patching and reinforcing the wood parts they were refinisihed and new caning was put in. The final hardware is a combination of original and new elements.

Grey Front

Grey D1

Grey D3

Grey Back

Grey D2

Grey D4

Green Front

Green D1

Green D3

Green Back

Green D2

Green D4

Pink Front

Pink D1

Pink D3

Pink Back

Pink D2

Pink D4

Red Front

Red D1

Red D3

Red D5

Red Back

Red D2

Red D4